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Hey ūüėä,

I’d love to start this post with this wonderful quote by Lidia Yuknavitch;


When I first heard this quote, ¬†I was listening to a TedTalk by Lidia Yuknavitch, titled ‘The Beauty of Being a Misfit.’ ( Click ¬†here¬†to watch the talk).¬†Now, ¬†those words are the only thing that I can solidly remember from the entire talk.

The ability to reinvent yourself. Endlessly. That’s your beauty.¬†

Why are these the only words that I can remember? I don’t know, ¬†but I think it’s because I’ve never actually thought of that.

We as humans have this built-in ability¬† power to become whatever we wish to be, ¬†no matter what we’ve been before. It’s like being able to turn wood to paper¬†in one day. It’s not easy, ¬†but it’s certainly possible.¬†

You may be this shy, socially awkward person, who can’t even dream of dancing in public but, yet, you have the power to become the greatest dancer the world has ever seen.

Or maybe, ¬†like me, you have a huge, ¬†gigantic fear of talking to new people – you can still become the friendliest person you ever knew. ( Just a quick note: When I say you can become the friendliest person you ever knew, ¬†it doesn’t mean you aren’t friendly now. ¬†It just means that I’ve learnt from experience that people don’t usually assume that you don’t talk to them because you’re shy. ¬†They often think that you don’t talk to them because you’re unfriendly or a snob.)

Or maybe you’re afraid of dogs. Or maybe you honestly just don’t like where you are right now.

It doesn’t have to remain that way. Not if you don’t want it to.¬†

That’s the beauty – and power – of being human.¬†

And so, ¬†I’d like to end this post by another quote that I really like;¬†2016-10-05_20-20-36


Have a wonderful and amazing day, y’all.


Ima. ‚̧