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Not An Attention Whore

Does it bother you that I like attention?

I’m only human, after all.

I see the look of disgust and judgement on your face,

As you hear me laugh a bit louder

Or talk a pitch higher,

Just to get noticed.

I see,

You’ve had no problems with attention.

It’s been generous to you.

Attention follows you everywhere

Like cattle egret around ccattle

You’re bread and people are your butter. 

But me?

I’ve had to work for my attention

So,  pardon me for all my efforts.

I’m sorry if I try too hard.

Look away if I don’t please you enough ,

You only leave me craving more.

And don’t give me that look.

I’m not an attention whore .



The Eye Story – Part 1

Her eyes used to be the place I looked in to find innocence.

Her eyes; they were bright with pure,  unadulterated innocence.

But she grew up.

And the more her eyes saw,

The more her innocence fled.


Her eyes are the place I look in

And experience epiphanies.

She had seen so much

So much that now her eyes tell stories

Stories that she wouldn’t – and couldn’t – share.

Stories that she wishes she never knew.



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When all I needed was a friend

But I was too scared to ask for one,

I built up walls

To protect me from this cold, cold world.

But you came along and broke these walls,

Piece by piece.

You became a source of warmth

A protection from the cold reality that was life.

And then you left,

Without bothering to build the walls back.

Didn’t you think that I’ll be left shivering

From all this cold?

Breaking beneath

They tell us not to judge a book by its cover;

That true beauty lies beneath the surface.

Then why do they judge me by what they see?

Why do they not bother to scratch the surface and then proceed to look beneath to see the real me?

Perhaps my surface is too hard to break through;

Perhaps they think that beneath my surface is more surface.


Wrapped in Safety

‘You’re safe’, I tell myself

They can’t find you here

Cry yourself to sleep if you choose

They cannot judge you here.


‘Chin up,  princess ‘

I can hear Him talking to me now

‘Don’t be scared anymore,

My arms will forever be your sanctuary ‘.


I lift up my eyes to His face

I can now feel truly safe

Finally,  I have found refuge

Here,  in my father’s open arms.