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If I had a daughter…. 

I would tell her everyday that I love her so much, more than any human could,  because she was formed in me; but that I could never love her as much as God does,  because He formed her.

I would teach her to dance,  so that she could express herself without bothering to impress.

I would tell her that she would never fit in,  because she was born to stand out.

I would tell her that no matter how cold the world may seem sometimes, all it needs is love,  love, and more love.

I would tell her – and teach her- that she is a princess,  so that one day,  she knows that she would have to become a queen.

I would tell her that the happiest girls are in fact the prettiest girl and that the secret to happiness is to make others happy – and to never forget to smile.

I would teach her to speak – and sing- with her loudest voice but to listen as if she were incapable of speaking.

I would teach her that as long as she remains true to herself, she would never need to prove herself to anyone because she alone is more than enough.

I’ll tell her that if she’s crazy enough to think that she can change the world, she can.

And finally,  if I had a daughter, I’ll tell her that if ever she is afraid,  and she can’t find me,  she should go to God,  for she is not only my princess,  but His princess too.