Love and Expectations – Let-It-Out Chapters 


Sometime ago, in February, I mentioned that I wanted to start a series, the Let-It-Out Chapters. 

The Let-It-Out chapters are basically just writings, or more appropriately, rantings. But I didn’t want to be the only one, so I opened it to all my readers because I feel we all need to let it out sometimes and I want by blog to be just the place for that. 


To make it better, it was written by a blogger I really like and to be honest, it just made my day.  The name of her blog is StrikedbyEpicness and she’s such a powerful writer. 

She sent this to me today, and I hope you love it just as much as I did ❤

(PS :Make sure to  check out her blog. It’s awesome!) 

Love And Expectations 

Ranting is a rather special trait of a human. Why? Because unless the person is in your head, they will never know what you are talking about.

Here’s my rant today. One aspect that bothers me is the expectations that we are made to follow. Expectations don’t mean anything to me now (at least they don’t as much as they used to), because I’ve learnt to look over that to things like personality that really matter. It may be cliché but I speak from experience.  At one time I was obsessed with the perfect expectations that we need to follow, one of them being looks. I knew I was not able to fulfill this as I have vitiligo: a skin condition. I would therefore hide myself in the shadows to get away from society as much as possible so I wouldn’t embarrass myself because I did not look a certain way to be integrated into daily life. This all changed when I met two people in particular who are very close to my heart who looked beyond my outside perspective and loved me, flaws and everything. The message I want to bring across is that we all have flaws. Even if one person seems to have it all, in the back of their mind they are troubled by something that no one really knows about. We should surround ourselves with people that make us comfortable and bring out the best in us, only then can we learn to embrace the true beauty with us. [Also, the people who made expectations deserve something so bad even I can’t think of it].

– Strikedbyepicness 

If you want to send something, for the Let-It-Out chapters or anything like that, I’ve left the instructions in the comment section. I’ll love to hear from you. 


Ima ❤


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