New Series! – The Let-It-Out Chapters


So lately, I’ve been really inconsistent with my blogging and honestly, it’s gotten me really upset. I think the main reason for it is that it’s soo hard to find time to sit down and write a really good quality post, especially with all the pressure from school. 

So, I decided to start this new series called The Let-It-Out Chapters where I basically just write down anything at all- Anything I feel needs to be let out. It might be a short poem or write-up or anything at all. 

I’m trying to go all spontaneous with this. 

And in that spirit of spontaneity, I don’t think I want this new series to just be from me. I want it to include literally all my readers and I’ll probably post some Let-It-Out Chapters written by my friends and other people that I know. So pretty pretty please, send me anything you have written at a time you felt you just needed to let it out. It doesn’t matter how good you think it is; the Let-It-Out Chapters aren’t meant to be works of literature. Mine certainly won’t be. 

I’m really anticipating this. So if  you feel like sending your write-ups to me, I’ve left all the information on how you can do it in the comment section. 

Soo, to start out, here’s a little something I wrote today. It’s titled Fifteen. Hope you like it. 


Commitment is not something that comes easy to me. I am a fifteen year old fickle mind, who is still learning what is wrong and right. Who sometimes still forgets her left and right. 

Yet, I am a fifteen year old passionate soul filled with visions of a better life; a life I know I am capable of creating for myself. Though, not alone. 

But, I am a fifteen year old weak resolve;  my willpower is a frail thread begging to be strengthened by cords of discipline and self control. 

Many times I’ve learnt this lesson: I cannot conquer this mammoth, arid world alone. I have tried but I’m weak. 

I am a fifteen year old cry for help. 


10 thoughts on “New Series! – The Let-It-Out Chapters

  1. Hiya,
    So if (and when 😁) you want to send me your write-ups for the Let-It-Out Chapters, these are the really short steps to follow :
    1. Once you’ve written, write a comment on this post to let me know you’ve written something.
    2. Send whatever you’ve written, on my email ( which I’ll write below), so that I’ll be able to post it. You can decide to keep yourself anonymous or you can leave your name with the post, so that I’ll be able to give you credit for your work. ( I’ll still give you credit for you work, even if it’s anonymous).
    – My email is
    3. And that’s it. You can send in as many times as you want. It doesn’t really matter. Thank you in anticipation!!
    Ima ❤


  2. Oh hell I remember being 15 (probably because it was last year) but honestly it does get easier. Cliche as it sounds yeah don’t shoot me, it really does. BUT that is not with time, or with the help of others it is because of the strength inside of you. Set yourself goals and now and again do something for yourself that will make you smile.

    I will definitely write to you to ‘let-it-out’ I just need to figure out which part of horrible life to rant about 🙂

    -Wadz x

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      1. Thanks a lot!  You have no idea how much this means to me. And I totally agree with what you wrote. As Shakespeare said (I think it was Shakespeare 😊), expectation is the root of all heartache. 

        Would I edit anything? Of course not! What you wrote is just perfect the way it is. 

        Feel free to send more anytime you want.


        Ima ❤

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