Through The Window

I can see it all through the window 

A girl,  young,  leans on a gate turned deep-brown from rust

Her dress,  two shades lighter than the gate,

Barely covers her thighs.

One of her sleeves, thin, hangs loosely on her arm

I reach out,  on instinct, to pull back the sleeve

But she’s too far

Too young;

She hasn’t been taught how to be self conscious. Yet.

I can see it all through the window 

Another girl; fair and slender,

Also young but slightly older,

Stands outside with a little boy and girl.

She’s only in underwear,

But she’s placed her hands in an X-shape around her chest.

It’s written all over her face, her body language shouts,  ” Danger Zone! Keep Off!! Personal property : Trespassers Beware!!! “.

She’s learning,  I think to myself.

She’s just starting to learn.


There’s another girl.

Dressed, with skirts fully past her knees

And sleeves almost touching her wrists.

Yet her hands are wrapped around her;

Like a second layer of clothes.

She’s fully dressed but still feels naked.

Overly self-conscious, she’s heard them call her.

She’s learnt well,  too well.

She’s the girl behind the window.

I can see it all through the window.


Hope you guys liked it. I’ve been away for so long.  Hmm.





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