Beautiful words

This post was not written by me ( unfortunately 😞), but I really liked it and I’m sure you would too. Make sure to check out the blog {after reading }. Thanks.
Ima 😘


You know what the great thing about blogging is? You can’t see a person. They might think that they are the worst-looking person in the world, but when they sit and type about the things that interest them, their words are beautiful. They are able to see beyond their imperfections and finally start to see the good in the world because other people are reading their words, and not judging based on looks. They read, enjoy, comment and share with others. They converse with others and finally start to become loved and actually feel like they are worth something.

People will appreciate them and appreciate what they do. Love them and love what they do, even though they have not seen them. Care about them and care about what they do, because as soon as you type that post, you are putting a piece of yourself on the internet. People…

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5 thoughts on “Beautiful words

  1. This was an amazing reblog, even though you didn’t write it, its still an extension of who you are and the truths you believe in and live by. From what I have read so far, your blog is truly amazing and I look forward to reading through and exhausting all of them. Peace and love to you.

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