The Importance Of Friendship

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“I believe in soulmates. I believe that God create people to be with certain people. However I don’t just believe in romantic soulmates, I believe in friendship soulmates too. And I believe I’ve met a couple of my friend soulmates.

Since I’ve started my school, I’ve met a girl who I’m sure is one of my friend soulmates. We’ve gone through a lot of similar stuff, and we just instantly clicked. We understand each other, and we know we can trust each other with anything.

Friends are important. Sure, significant others and family are also important, but when your significant other dumps you, and your family is mad at you, you turn to your friends. Friends keep you grounded, they give you a shoulder to cry on, and they make life that much more joyful.

True friendships are so important. And when you meet your friend “soulmate(s)” it’s amazing, because…

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