Ten Things I Should Have Learned By Now

Hey there,

So recently, I decided to start making lists. Not to-do lists. But lists about anything that is vaguely related to me in any way.

This list,  ‘ Ten Things I Should Have Learned By Now’, is actually inspired by someone I admire very much. Her name is Sarah Kay, she’s a poet and she performs spoken word poetry as well. I would love to tell you more about her ( because I think she’s amazing!), but I think I’ve digressed enough.  (But you can still check out her videos on YouTube or search for her on Google.)

Now onto that list……

Ten Things I Should Have Learned By Now

  • I should have learned how to start and actually have a conversation with someone ( other than myself and my family) without it getting awkward.
  • I should have learned that I’m beautiful. Probably not by world or social standards,  but beautiful in a way that only I can be.
  • I should have learned how to make nice omelettes without getting any part burnt.  I seriously don’t know why I can’t do this by now. Scrambled eggs are just way easier ( and nicer too,  if you want my opinion).
  • That friends may come and go. Especially the best ones. But memories don’t.
  • That there will be problems.  But having problems doesn’t mean I’ll have a bad day. That there will be bad days.  But bad days don’t mean bad weeks. And that there will be bad weeks. But bad weeks don’t mean bad months either.
  • I should have learned that it’s better to do things right away. Stalling and postponing the things I need to do won’t actually make them go away. ( Procrastination = My Number #2 Enemy).
  • That no one controls how and what I feel. Except I want them to. I’m the one in control of all my actions ( or reactions).
  • That it’s nice to be nice to people. Even if they’re mean.
  • I should’ve learned that if I feel like it,  it’s perfectly okay to dance in public. Even though people are staring looking. Even though I might look awkward.
  • And finally, I should have learned that God loves me no matter what. No matter how many times I mess things up, He still loves me. And always will.


And that’s it!

Do feel free to write what you think about my list in the comment section below. You can also write your own list,  if you like. I’d love to see them.


Ima 😘


5 thoughts on “Ten Things I Should Have Learned By Now

    1. ‘I sometimes wish that someone would just be in my place and live life for me. ‘ I get this feeling a lot too. It’s really nice knowing that I’m not the only person that feels this way sometimes. And thanks a lot for reading – it really means a lot 😊

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