Removing Negative Vibes

Hey there,
I recently read this post ( and if you’re wondering, ‘recently’ is like 5 minutes ago) and I totally loved it. Hope you like it too.


I think as I grew up and met more people in my life, I realised that at some point you just can’t satisfy certain people anymore. And when that happens, you need to let them go.

My childhood consist of me being very happy with all my friends, and so on until I was in elementary school, but then I realised that people started to expect different things from me and that were just hard to keep up with.

I’ve tried to be what they want, to fit in every social groups, and to impress everyone and make them happy. Which is very tiring because I was not being my true self. I tried to fit in certain mold to be accepted by certain relationships.

You might noticed that right now, there are a lot of quotes and posts all over the internet about how important it is to “delete…

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