Hey there,

So this is a pretty short list of my favorite things that make me really happy.  Feel free to tell me what also makes you happy in the comment section below.

First up is….

  • Making other people happy 😊( Is it only me or does making other people smile make you smile too?)

Next is…

  • Running 🏃 ( or stair-climbing or jogging or sometimes just walking for a really long time. It calms me. In a weird way.) 


  • Dancing 💃(This is usually accompanied by a bit of singing. Actually, sometimes it’s a lot of singing. I just really like dancing.) 

I can’t forget…

Praising / Praying to God 🙏 (although it’s a different kind ofhappiness, there’s no mistaking it. Praying certainly makes me happy.) 


And last but not least….

  • Being appreciated  👏( doesn’t everyone like a bit of praise once in a while?) 

So there it is.  My Top five things that make me instantly happy. Hope you liked it. Don’t forget to write yours in the comment section. Thanks.

With love, Ima 😘



7 thoughts on “My Top Five Things that make me Instantly Happy

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