Because I need to be….

So many times,  people have called me stubborn . And weirdly enough, mostimes, I like it.  I know it’s not completely good,  but I happen to find it quite comforting.

In fact,  I feel like I need to be more stubborn than I already am.  In certain areas.  For instance,

In praying.  I know that prayer is a form of conversation between me and God,  and not some sort of forced,  practiced speech. I also that praying is extremely important if I plan on getting anywhere in my Christian journey,  but sometimes I’m just so lazy.  And all I have to do is talk. Oh well. So much for my said stubbornness.

In stretching.  For my fellow dancers, (I’m not one yet but I hope to be soon) you’ll understand how important it is to stretch.  But, once again, I can be so lazy..

In saying ‘sorry’.  I don’t know if this is just me,  but sometimes getting the ‘sorry’ word out is so hard. And this time, I can’t even use my laziness as an excuse. Or can I?

In smiling. I think smiling people are prettier than unsmiling people.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be prettier just because you smiled?

I probably still have a lot to add to this list,  but for now,  my stubbornness can only go so far.


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