My Hope for Better

Reading the papers is not something I do often.  But I’ll do it today.  I will,  even though I know I’ll see the same thing.  But I will read the papers hoping that there would be a difference.  Hoping that I won’t see the pain anymore; hoping that I wouldn’t have to read of more death and killings;  hoping that I won’t have to hear of the worsening poverty.

But still,  even if I see all these things,  I’ll keep hoping,  praying, wishing. Praying that we do not get buried in this grave of pain and despair, praying that we do not collapse under the pressure of so much hatred. Wishing that instead, we would all rise up like phoenixes from the ashes of death, finally able to breathe in the pure air of love. I will, because I believe that there’s a hope for something better. And I won’t let this hope be taken from me.


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